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Free cooling

Free cooling uses the cold ambient air during autumn, winter and spring to pre cool or completely cool the warm water returning from your process, either reducing the electrical power to run the refrigeration unit or eliminating the need for the refrigerant compressors totally.

By taking advantage of our natural climate, some customers have experienced savings of up to 75% on their energy bills. This means that the inital investment in free cooling can prove to be very cost effective.

Factory fitted or bolt on (retro–fit) to your existing system
Free cooling can be offered in two basic formats, by having a pre cooler factory fitted into one of our packaged water chillers, or by adding a bolt on, retro fitted free cooling unit to your exisiting system.
Universal Refrigeration has products approved for listing on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL). Not only are these products officially recognised as being energy efficient but clients can qualify for up front tax relief

through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme.
Products include packaged water chillers and adiabatic / air blast coolers. Businesses can claim 100% first year capital allowance against their taxable profits on any investment made, including installation costs.

This gives a boost to cash flow and shortens pay back period.
This cost saving is in addition to any longer term gains from reduced energy bills and climate change levy payments.
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